Labadee, which is located on the northern coast of Haiti, is a private resort my family went to on a cruise ship for vacation. We sailed on The Royal Caribbean: Freedom of the Seas.

We set sail for seven days on our cruise to the Western Caribbean and one of our first stops on the map was Labadee. The island was magnificent. Green, lush palm trees surrounded the resort, some even blocking our path where we walked. The sun was golden and hot. The water at the beach was the perfect temperature to take a dip in. The music and colors of the resort made me want to stay forever!

I snapped a lot of photos of the island and pictures don’t even do it justice. You need to see this place in person!

Dancers greeted us with traditional music

amazing palm trees
A live band playing for us
these are used to make palm wine
Barbecue lunch at the beach
me and my sister
works of art
my mommy

wearing a green Marc Jacobs military dress
browsing the gift shop
major photo fail

  my sister snagged a picture with the locals