Roseland Cottage 

 I visited one of New England’s National Historic Landmark: Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut. This Gothic-Revival style summer home was for Henry and Lucy Bowen and their family built in 1846.

It includes massive, picturesque landscapes and gardens, detailed wall coverings, heavily patterned carpets and one of the oldest living bowling alleys.

massive entry way

the common room
original newspaper that Bowen was publisher
the formal dining room

A painting of Lucy Bowen’s grandfather in the dining room


Chapter One

So, this is my first post. Pretty scary I must admit.

I’m nervous about this whole journey because I never had an ‘official’ blog before where I actually post my true passions. Despite my fear, I am super excited about creating this little outlet for myself. Blogging has skyrocketed in the last several years, so I guess you can say I’m sort of late in the game. It’s okay though. At least I can say that I started and that I did it.

I named my page “Candice Renee 89” because it represents me as a person and who I am. “Candice Renee” represents the name I was given at birth and the “89” represents the year I was born. Simple right? I could have used various of other nicknames I was given all my life, but this name is more authentic and there is no extra “fluff.” What you see is what you get.

I am using this space to document all photos that I take (I’m no professional) but I do have a creative eye that shall not go to waste. I love to learn new recipes, travel, and do exciting things whether big or small.  I enjoy having fun experiences and to have someplace (like this blog) to document everything I’ve seen and done. Years from now, I will look back on my posts and say, “Man, I really did some amazing things.”

I don’t want to make this a long post, so I will wrap up by saying I am excited and relieved to start this new and exciting avenue of creativity.